Dec 28

What are Structural Insulated Panels?

sipsChoosing building materials for your new home can be a daunting exercise. Do you pick traditional brick and wooden frame construction or opt for something new? Your options include some pretty exciting new materials and construction methods. Beautiful new homes built from recycled materials, precut manufactured materials and even rammed dirt are going up every day. Now there is another alternative.
Many contractors now recommend building a home using prefabricated SIPs (structural insulated panels). The material provides definite advantages in cost, durability and reduced construction time.
Why Should I care about SIPs?

SIPs are a type of prefabricated building material that is cut into any shape or size. The panels are 4 feet wide and can be as long as 28 feet. Why should that matter? Using precut SIPs can give you a better house and save you money. A home built with SIPs panels is up to 300% stronger than traditional stick frame construction and nearly 70% more energy efficient. That means you can build faster, stronger and greener.
Structural insulated panels are manufactured by sandwiching expanded polystyrene foam cores between sheets of 7/16 inch oriented strand board. The manufacturer bonds the layers together with structural adhesive compounds under pressure resulting in an exceptionally strong and durable construction material.
Benefits of Building with Structural Insulated Panels:

• Energy efficient green building material
• Stronger than plywood
• Cost less to build with
• Take less time to build

Greener Housing

As stated earlier, homes built using structural insulated panels are up to 70% more energy efficient. A traditional stick frame home leaks a lot of air. SIPs panels used to build exterior walls and roofing provide continuous insulation that dramatically reduces the amount of air that leaks out. Heating and cooling SIPs built homes uses about half the energy of a stick built home. The savings over time really add up without having to worry about codes.
SIPs are Safer

Green means safer when building with structural insulated panels. Safer for your family because SIPs contain no formaldehyde and do not outgas dangerous chemicals. Well-ventilated SIPs built homes provide a healthier indoor environment than conventional structures.
They are safer for the environment because SIPs built homes emit less CO2 over the years. There is much less waste produced during construction and using high quality OSB outer sheathing uses up to 35% less wood exterior plywood and is produced in a sustainable manner. The OSB is produced using quickly growing farm grown trees. Consider SIPs before you build a home or business. It’s the best solution for healthy families and a healthy planet.