Nov 20

Home Extensions The Right Way

home additionYou’re getting pretty tired of sharing your bedroom with your five-year-old son.  He’s getting old enough to need his own space, for your sake and his.  Not to mention your wife is demanding it.  Your house just isn’t big enough for you.  You need a home office where you can get some quiet work time in, and your wife wants a crafts room for all of her hobby accumulations.

The question becomes, “Do we want to move, or should we consider building an extension onto our home?”  Most people really like their homes and don’t want to move away from so many memories, especially if you have raised a family there.  This is when home extensions become a great option, but also a great opportunity for disaster.

You don’t want to end up with some crummy add-on that your neighbors point at when they drive by your house.  You want to find a way to add on to your home in a complimentary fashion.  This is when you get to drive by your neighbors’ homes and point at them!  Seriously, take a look at other home additions in your area.  You can learn quite a lot about what does and doesn’t look good, and when you find some intriguing designs, you can go meet the neighbors for an insider’s look at their extension.  Take the time to ask them questions about their addition, such as, “How is the functionality?” or “Are there any things you might have done differently?”  This is a priceless opportunity to learn much before you even begin!

You’ve seen a lot of options for additions, and even viewed many from the inside when you met and asked your neighbors about their extensions.  Now it’s time for you to decide where your addition will take place and what the space will be used for.  What do you need?  You could need another bedroom or an office that doubles as a library.  Maybe you want a big entertainment room, or even a sunroom with lots of glass walls.  Once you’ve decided how the space will be used, you can think about the visual appearance of it.

You’ll want to use the same building materials as the main portion of your house.  If you have all vinyl siding, then use the same stuff on your extension.  Make it a seamless addition, not an ugly box attached to the side of your house.

Consulting a building business, such as Builders Leeds, can be a wise idea if you don’t have the first clue about this sort of project.  You should also get in touch with an architect unless you are going the modular addition route.  Either of these could help you to handle the application forms and make your addition follow your local building codes.  They can also help you to fully realize your dream of a home extension so that you end up with something you will be happy with.  Use professionals so the process is as smooth as possible.