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   Aug 10

Ways to Recycle Car Tires

There are many ways to recycle car tires. The first thing you should do is see if the place where you’re getting the tire replaced recycles tires. Often times, large chain tire stores have a system for properly recycling car tires. If the place doesn’t recycle car tires, you can take your tire with you and find a place online. Start your online search by searching ‘recycle car tires’ plus the name of your town… Read the rest of this entry »

   Aug 30

Save Money and the Planet with Shipping Container Houses

2008 was a very interesting year for the vast majority of Americans. Michael Phelps took home a record 8 gold medals in the Summer Olympics, the New York Giants shocked the previously perfect New England Patriots in the Super Bowl and the country suffered the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. The housing market crashed, thousands of people were foreclosed on and temperatures for the summer hit a record high. Needless to say, many… Read the rest of this entry »