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   Mar 29

Can Pollutants in the Environment Cause Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is often associated with genetics and fetal growth, regardless of its evolution. Whether it shows up during the 20s or the 50s, the causes are usually the same, only they react differently. With all these, more and more studies also blame the air pollution for this issue. Normally, the exposure to a high level of pollution is suspected to underline a series of pulmonary and cardiovascular affections. However, the same pollution has also been… Read the rest of this entry »

   Dec 12

Wind Mitigation Home Inspections

A wind mitigation home inspection is routine. It allows property owners the opportunity to receive discounts on windstorm insurance. This type of discount is beneficial because it rewards policy owners that have installed wind-resistance features on their property as a pre-cautionary measure to limit the amount of damage that could occur during a windstorm.The less property damaged, the more an insurance company benefits. These savings are passed on to the homeowner. That’s why many people… Read the rest of this entry »

   Dec 12

Clean Up Your Own Environment: Your Home!

One time, my parents got a wild bug and decided that they wanted to move houses.  I guess it really boiled down to them wanting to downsize, but they didn’t want to say that.  Well, of course they enlisted every child and child’s spouse in the family to come help.  I put on my work shorts and shoes and readied myself to get busy, because it wasn’t going to be an easy task! My wife… Read the rest of this entry »