Aug 16


green planetHello everybody!  I’m Kelly, and welcome to my website where I aim to talk about the issues of our ecosystem and sustaining our planet.  This is not an easy task, because we have to undo a lot of thinking that our society learned from back around the industrial revolution.  More production is not always better.  We harm the environment big time.  We spill oil, we pump out gases into the air, we corrupt the soils, and we destroy the planet.  How can anything grow and thrive in such an environment?  Do you ever wonder why we are having a rise in certain illnesses that cannot be explained?  It’s because the variables are far too wide and unstoppable.  Think about the conditions we have forced ourselves to live in.  You should get an asbestos sampling done on your home and see if you aren’t poisoning yourself by living there.  The travesties we’ve committed on ourselves are unforgivable.

But stop we must.  Change we must.  If we are to survive as a species and not kill off every other species on this planet, then change we must.  We have to stop this senseless behavior like poisoning the earth and poisoning our bodies with drugs and start thinking beyond the next year.  We have many generations to come and it is our responsibility to leave them with a place to live that is healthy and clean.  As the rate we are going, there won’t be enough energy sources, clean waters, and many other problems that they will encounter while we live in luxury.  If we reduce even some of the luxury livings we have, we will reduce our impact on the environment big time.  So many of us green livers are in the progressive state of California.  A great way you can help is to just buy your decorations from Discount Furniture Los Angeles so that you are recycling and reusing furniture rather than demanding entire factories to stay in production.

Let me show you some other leaders in the green blogging world who hope to promote this change.  For instance, here is a new one I found answering the question “what is biomass?”I love this website pushing the use of the inexpensive glass mason jars for saving homegrown food.  This can save the planet lots of money by reducing the need to ship vegetables and fruits around the globe, while reducing the use of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals to the environment and ecosystem.  If insects get sick and die, birds can’t eat them.  If birds can’t eat and fly and move seeds around, then plants die.  It’s a huge cycle that we are all a part of and it is our responsibility to keep it alive.

There is another site that is related to the one above in which it helps anybody on this planet grow food for themselves regardless of where they live.  If you live in a city, have no fear, you can still grow a garden in your window!  This saves gas from you not having to go to the grocery store as often.  It saves you time and has a lot of ramifications from saving electricity and lots more in shipping.  I have one, but it’s not the traditional garden.  I grow portabella mushroom and shiitake mushrooms!  I love these on my salads!

I’ll keep bringing you more articles featuring tons of people building websites that push the future of our planet, a good, healthy green planet!